Our first full length release on Workerbee is arriving October 1st. Its called 'Astronaut'. 11 songs and approximately 34 minutes. Super cool stuff. It will also come with a video game--Secret Agent Panda Galore!

Buy this book before the Pentagon does! Apparently, they're not big fans of Operation Dark Heart--a sort of tell all about American covert operations--and are trying to stop its run in 'the current form'. They've even considered purchasing all the copies before it can be consumed by the audience that funded the operations it mentions.

Owl can still be ordered and downloaded through bandcamp or over at the Workerbee website.

The music player has been updated with some songs that will be on our forthcoming release. There are also some hidden gems from throughout the years.

Boeing is moving ahead with plans for space tourism. No word yet on ticket prices but maybe someday us normal folks will get to go.

PreciseHero is an amazing hip-hop artist from Detroit. His new recording, Daydreamer Dialogue, is a spectacular addition to his catalouge. Its a perfect for any summer drive.

Check out the links below to find out about shows and all sorts of other cool bands and things! Our CD's and mp3's can be found at CDbaby.com and iTunes, respectively.


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